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Kibbled Onions
£110.60(per 10kg)
111p / 100g
£15.79158p / 100g £8.39168p / 100g £4.55182p / 100g £2.21221p / 100g
Pot Barley ORGANIC
Order now for dispatch after 06/10/2022
Broth Mix
£47.18(per 25kg)
19p / 100g
£4.0841p / 100g £2.3447p / 100g
Potato Flakes ORGANIC
£198.02(per 25kg)
79p / 100g
£11.86119p / 100g £6.36127p / 100g

Buy Dried Vegetables & Soup Mix, Freeze Dried in Plastic Free Packaging

Quality dried vegetables and soup mixes delivered to your door. Buy high-quality bulk dried vegetables and soup mixes packed in plastic free, home compostable cellulose bags online in sizes up to 1kg. Buying organic or conventional dried vegetables and soup mixes in larger sizes will give you great savings. Try our smaller pack sizes when you want to sample something new. Then come back and buy in kilo quantities.

Dried vegetables and soup mixes have most of the water content removed. This can be done by freeze-drying the fresh raw vegetables or by dehydrating them slowly at a very low temperature.

Are they as nutritious as fresh vegetables?

Dehydrated vegetables have the same calorie content as their fresh counterparts and almost the same nutritional values including the same fibre content. They are much easier to store than fresh vegetables as they take up a lot less space and last a lot longer.

Dried vegetables can be soaked before use, or if used in soups, stews or sauces they can simply be added directly to the dish during cooking.

We offer high quality, good value food ingredients, packed in plastic free, home compostable, cellulose bags in all these categories:

Organic| Fairtrade| Vegetarian| Special Diet| Gluten Free| Vegan| Wheat Free| Raw| Dairy Free| Whole Foods

About Bulk Packaging

Please note that bulk packaging may NOT be plastic free – manufacturers use a variety of different types of packaging and we have no control over this. We never add any further plastic. Please see Our Packaging for more details.