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Plastic Free Packaging (108)
Vegan (81)
Vegetarian (108)
Dairy Free (105)
Gluten Free all (104)
Organic (76)
Naturally Gluten Free (75)
Palm Oil Free (47)
Raw (26)
Gluten Free NGCI (20)
Certified Gluten Free (9)
Zero Waste (8)
FairTrade (3)
Kosher (1)
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Carley's (16)
John Mellis (14)
Meridian (13)
Biona (11)
Suma (7)
Thursday Cottage (6)
Nutcessity (5)
Raw Health (5)
Sun & Seed (5)
Chain Bridge Honey Farm (4)
Sunita (4)
Chocoreale (2)
Equal Exchange (2)
Essential (2)
Heather Hills Farm (2)
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Nut Butter (34)
Honey (26)
Tahini and Seed Spread (16)
Peanut Butter (11)
Fruit Spread (10)
Jam (10)
Chocolate and Carob Spread (6)
Pate and Yeast Extract (2)
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Certified Gluten Free
Dairy Free
No Gluten
Palm Oil Free
Plastic Free Packaging

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Set Honey FairTrade, ORGANIC
Equal Exchange (500g)
Light Tahini
Sunita (280g)
Light Tahini Raw ORGANIC
Carley's (250g)
Clear Honey FairTrade, ORGANIC
Equal Exchange (500g)
Dark Tahini Gluten Free, ORGANIC
Sunita (280g)
Smooth Almond Nut Butter 100% Vegan
Meridian (170g)
Dark Tahini
Sunita (280g)
Zambian Clear Forest Honey ORGANIC
Wainwright's (380g)
Runny Scottish Spring Honey
John Mellis (1lb)
Hazelnut Butter Vegan, ORGANIC
Biona (170g)
Sunflower Seed Spread Vegan, ORGANIC
Carley's (250g)
Dark Tahini Raw ORGANIC
Carley's (250g)
Hazelnut Nut Butter ORGANIC
Carley's (170g)
Smooth Peanut Butter ORGANIC
Biona (500g)
Raw Macadamia Nut Butter ORGANIC
Carley's (170g)
Tweedside Flower Honey
Chain Bridge Honey Farm (340g)

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